Grade Pre-R
Grade R
Grade 1
Grade 2
Grade 3
Grade 4
Olive Learning Centre
Grade 5
Grade 6
Grade 7
Grade 8
Grade 9
Bethany House
Grade 10-12
Per Annum
R 45 562
R 45 562
R 51 457
R 52 941
R 55 072
R 61 026
R 77 646
R 65 249
R 66 173
R 68 835
R 74 308
R 74 657
R 80 901
R 80 629

Per Month (x 11)
R 4 142
R 4 142
R 4 678
R 4 813
R 5 007
R 5 548
R 7 059
R 5 932
R 6 016
R 6 258
R 6 755
R 6 787
R 7 355
R 7 330

Payment of Fees

  • The School is dependent on the prompt payment of fees. Fees are due in advance before the 7th of each month.
  • The preferred method of payment is by debit order monthly or annually in advance.
  • Please contact the Finance Office should you wish to pay your annual fees in advance.
  • Bank accounts will be debited on the 1st of each month or closest business day.
  • The first debit order run will be at the beginning of February 2017.
  • The monthly debit order will include predictable (annual) extras in order to avoid constantly changing the amount. (Casual aftercare and certain ad hoc charges are too difficult to predict, and will therefore be the exception).

Non-payment of Fees

In the event of payment not being made within the prescribed period:
  • The balance of the annual fee outstanding shall immediately become due and payable and no indulgence or grant of time by St George's Grammar School shall be deemed a waiver of its rights.
  • The Head shall have the right to prevent the pupil from attending school until such time as all outstanding fees have been paid.
  • Should the fees remain unpaid, the Head shall have the right to fill the pupil's place without prejudice to the claim of fees in lieu of notice.
  • Please note: It is school policy that no pupil is permitted to go on a school tour (e.g. Round Square, Class Camps, Sports Festivals, etc.) unless the fee account is current. The Fees Office will provide a Fee Clearance Certificate before travel arrangements can be made.


  • A full term's notice is to be given (in writing) to the Head, whether such notice is to be effective during the currency of a school year, or whether the notice is in respect of a withdrawal at the end of any school year. If such notice is not given, a full term's fees will be charged in lieu of such written notice.


  • Basic tuition fees, building levy and aftercare are billed monthly in advance from February to December.
  • Monthly statements will be sent to all parents via email prior to the first of every month.
  • Other extras as specified below are invoiced from time to time.


  • Applications for financial assistance for the following academic year should be made in July of the current year.
  • Application forms are available from the Finance Office.
  • Financial assistance is only applicable for High School pupils.

Compulsory Extras – 2017

Building Levy

  • The cost of funding the school's building programme will be met by levying each pupil monthly from February to December: R125 for the eldest child, R65 for the second child and R35 for each child thereafter.

School outings, Camps, Entry fees, Visiting shows, Field trips

  • The cost of Outings is incorporated into the tuition fees and covers all normal visits, trips, visiting speakers/shows and the annual camp. Please note: it does not include the cost of food on camp.
  • Occasionally additional educational outings may be arranged which are not covered by the fees. Under these circumstances parents will be requested to cover the cost.

Netcare 911 Traumalink

  • In the event of an accident parents will be contacted and will be required to make their own arrangements with regard to medical treatment. However, should a Medical Emergency Evacuation Service be necessary, the School will arrange to have the child transported to either the Vincent Pallotti or Red Cross Hospital. The cost of an ambulance service is incorporated into the fees. No other medical costs are insured or covered by the school.

Text Books

Costs of textbooks and workbooks vary from year to year as informed by the school's independent supplier.
  • Grades 1 and 2: Workbooks and readers are issued by the School and charged on the fee account.
  • Grades 3 to 7: The School issues Textbooks and an annual rental is charged on the fee account.
  • Grades 8 to 12: A list of required text books is issued to learners who give their orders and money to an independent supplier. The School does not sell text books.

Mathletics / Reading Eggs

  • Every learner from Grade R to Grade 6 will be charged R200 once off annual fee for the Mathletics / Reading Eggs program.


  • Grades Pre-R, R, and 1: A bulk supply of stationery for the year is issued to pupils and charged on the fee account.
  • Grades 2 - 12: A list of required stationery for the following year is issued to pupils in the 4th Term. Although we do have a preferred supplier, stationery (as stipulated on the list) may be purchased at any store.


  • More and more photocopied notes and worksheets are being handed out to pupils. A portion of the copy cost is recovered on the fee account.

Library Fines

  • When a library book is not returned (after the pupil has been reminded to do so by the Librarian) the pupil's fee account will be charged with the replacement value of the lost book, and a fine will be levied. Should the book then be returned in the same financial year, the replacement fee will be reversed, but the fine will remain.

“Georgian” Magazine

  • The school magazine is issued to the oldest child in each family and charged at R150 on the fee account. A family wishing to have more than one copy will be charged a discounted price for additional copies.


  • Should your son/daughter be awarded a badge (e.g.: Student Council; Portfolio Member) a levy of R45 will be charged to your account.

Admin Fee

  • An annual charge of R150 is levied on the fee account in order to assist with the ever increasing costs of business administration.

Optional Extras

After School Care

  • By arrangement with the After School Care Supervisor (and subject to places available)
  • Grade Pre R to Grade 7 only
  • Half day until 15:00 (Mondays - Fridays)
  • Full day until 18:00 (Mondays - Thursdays) and until 17:15 (Fridays)

Other Extras

Some subjects e.g. Photography and Drama may attract extra charges.

Locker Hire

  • High School: R130 per annum
Lockers are hired out on an annual basis. Locks and keys are not provided.

Cellphone Locker

  • Grades 7 - 12: R130 per annum
Small lockers for cellphones and other small valuables are hired out on an annual basis. The school issues keys and keeps a duplicate. R50 is refundable on return of a key.

Outsourced Extras

Extra curricula activities

Accounts for any of the following must be paid to the particular instructor:
  • Ballet
  • Drums
  • Guitar
  • Piano
  • Recorder
  • Judo
  • Kids Clay
  • Living Maths
  • Marimba Band
  • Music - Voice
  • Nature Network
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Violin
  • Tennis
  • Playball