(Grade Pre-R & Grade R)
“Play is the way a child learns what no-one can teach him” — R.E. Hartley

There is a special combination of elements adeptly balanced to provide a planned, stimulating environment for five and six year olds at St George's.

It is in this happy atmosphere that learning takes place through play, which is perfectly suited to the young learner as play to them is a serious business! Our classrooms and outdoor play area are well-equipped and attractively arranged in an open-plan system. Our Grade Pre-R class caters for 18 children who are 4 turning 5 years and in our two Grade R classes there are 20 children each, who are 5 turning 6.

The daily programme begins at 08:30 and ends at 12:30. While some learners are collected at this time, but others remain in the Pre-primary until 12:45.

Facilitated by specifically trained teachers, the Pre-primary children are encouraged to involve themselves in all aspects of the integrated curriculum on a daily basis. Learning through experience, where creativity and process are the focus, allows them to gain valuable life skills.

It is in this non-threatening environment that there is time for learning to take place at the learner's own pace, meeting their needs when they are the most receptive.

All the basic skills of cutting, pasting, writing a name, counting - the pre-skills for later learning - can be challenging for young learners. The earlier these skills are mastered the sooner the learner's confidence in their abilities will increase. The informal, structured setting of the Pre-primary provides opportunities for the acquisition of these skills. During Micro-teaching (small group) sessions, specific observation of the learner's skills development takes place and individual attention is given.

The learners are also involved in weekly classes in Music, Computers and Library. They have an opportunity to participate in optional extra-murals: Fun and Dance, Swimming, Playball, Judo and Mini-tennis. We arrange termly outings and visiting productions and we present a concert each year.

Early childhood education is centred around some of the most exciting years of a child's development. The Pre-primary offers the learners an equally exciting foundation for later, formal learning – what a positive beginning to a school career!

After School Care

For the pupils who cannot be collected at the end of the school day there is an After School Care facility, for which there is an additional cost. We provide this caring and responsible supervision on Mondays to Thursday until 18:00 and on Fridays until 17:15. The programme offered includes age-appropriate activities in a safe, structured and positive environment. Our supervisors are trained and experienced in early childhood development and are aware of each individual child's needs and abilities. From time to time they attend courses, including First Aid and Safety.