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Flourish –
‘to grow or develop in a healthy or vigorous way, especially as the result of a particularly congenial environment’

Why St George’s

We are an Anglican Mainstream co-educational school for pupils from Grade Pre-R (pre-primary) to Grade 12 in Mowbray, Cape Town. The whole school is situated on one campus with separate buildings for the High and Preparatory School but with specific shared facilities such as school halls, a library and sports fields.

The school fully subscribes to the National Policy on Inclusive Education and has an inclusive, anti-bias approach in all spheres of school life.

We believe in creating a safe and happy space for our pupils while enabling a strong foundation for learning. Our computer labs and library are spaces that allow for our pupils to learn beyond the confines of a classroom. Our classes are small, we have an excellent academic programme and an extra-curricular programme that includes space for community-mindedness, spiritual growth, ecological awareness and appreciation of the arts.

Our History

We were founded by Bishop Robert Gray in April 1848 on the grounds of the present-day St George’s Cathedral making us the oldest independent school in southern Africa.

In 1978, there was a significant change in the demographics of the pupil population when the first pupils of colour were admitted to the school. In 1989, another significant change occurred with the addition of girls to this previously boys-only establishment.

The proximity to the Cathedral in the early days meant our pupils could not only worship at the Cathedral but also be part of its choir – something which both our girls and boys still have the opportunity to do today – the lack of space, especially for sports fields prompted the purchase of main house on the Bloemendal Estate, giving the school its own sports fields. The move to the present-day campus was a gradual one and in 1979 the school ceased to function in the double-storey building situated adjacent to St George’s Cathedral in Queen Victoria Street, Cape Town.

Senior Management Team

Our senior management team, who is guided by a Board of Governors, is responsible for the day-to-day management of the school and are ably assisted the respective heads of department in the High and Prep schools.


Head of the School

Julian has been the Head of St George’s Grammar School since the beginning of 2011. Julian has been involved in education for just on 20 years, starting out as a teacher of Mathematics, Physical Science and Religious Education. Before taking on the Head’s position at St George’s, Julian had also served as deputy principal at two other independent schools in the country, while continuing to teach Maths and Physical Science. Besides his teaching experience, which included a stint in the UK, he also holds a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology.